About us

Center for Development Democracy and Governance (CDDG): a non-governmental non-profit organization established in February 2010 and registered under No. 258. It incorporates a group of activists including qualified persons, engineers, agricultural experts, economists, etc. all with one vision that is providing services for the underdeveloped weak in need societies.

Our vision

Prosperous Rural Communities in Lebanon with preserved and protected natural resources where decent living is reality for all.

Our mission

CDDG aims at empowering local communities in Lebanon to achieve sustainable socio-economic development, improving locals’ access to social services, and enhancing governance practices of local partners.

Our objectives

Disseminating the concepts of sustainable development so as to build a socially, economically, and politically developed society. Working towards achieving total governance throughout the Lebanese society by reinforcing participatory, consensus oriented decision making, accountability, transparency, responsivity, effectiveness and efficiency, equitability and inclusivity, and the abidance to laws. Fighting corruption and defending the rights of the minorities and the most vulnerable.


November 17, 2018

مقررات مؤتمر: تعزيز القطاع الزراعي في محافظة عكار

مقررات المؤتمر التنموي في عكار الذي أقامه مركز التنمية والديمقراطية والحوكمة #CDDG بالتعاون مع حزب القوات اللبنانية، وبرعاية النائب وهبي قاطيشه . تحت عنوان تعزيز القطاع […]
November 9, 2018

ندوة نحو تعزيز القطاع الزراعي في عكار

قاطيشه يرعى ندوة لتعزيز القطاع الزراعي في عكار: دعم القطاع الزراعي لتمسّك المواطن العكاري بأرضه برعاية وحضور النائب وهبي قاطيشه أقام مركز التنمية والديمقراطية والحوكمة CDDG […]
October 23, 2018

“تعزيز القطاع الزراعي في محافظة عكار” برعاية قاطيشه

برعاية وحضور النائب وهبي قاطيشا ينظم مركز التنمية والديمقراطية والحوكمة CDDG بالتعاون مع حزب القوات اللبنانية مؤتمراً تنموياً في عكار تحت عنوان “تعزيز القطاع الزراعي في […]


Wissam Raji

Founder President

Wissam earned his Masters Degree in Mathematics from AUB and earned his PhD in Mathematics from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. He is currently an associate professor and the chairman of the department of Mathematics at AUB.

Fady Hage

Board Member and Vice President

Fady holds Masters degrees in the following disciplines: Philosophy, theology and international relations. He is currently the Faith &/in Development Coordinator, Head of Department and Project Manager at World Vision International.

Yves Rahme

Board Member

Yves holds a bachelor in finance, LAU and a Masters in finance ESA. Yves is the Head of Equities, Byblos Bank

Romy Raphael

Board Member

Romy Raphael holds a bachelor degree in law, She pursued a masters in media and communications